Please take a few moments to read these guidelines before you email me about a trade, as most of your questions probably will be answered here. It saves both of us a lot of email back and forth!

I follow most of the normal procedures involved in trading. I am pretty open to suggestions and I'm willing to listen to your wants as long as you are willing to do the same for mine!

  • You can check any references if you want. Just check my trader page, and email them if you like.
  • I do NOT sell tapes or CD-R's. I am not in this to make a profit, nor should anyone else be. So, if you have nothing to trade, you can send me blank CD-R's/tapes and I'll copy what you want if I have the time. I accept two (2) blank tapes for every one (1) that you want (to cover return postage). But please don't send anything before you have emailed me and arranged such a deal!
  • Please stay in contact during the entire process. I will do the same.
  • Most of the things can be discussed though, just ask if there's something you want to know.
  • You must be able to copy CD-R's in "disc-at-once" mode (no gaps between tracks).
  • Please check the CD-R's after copying to make sure it's free of any recording errors.
  • If you have to burn an 0 minute CD-R, do not delete a song to burn a 74 min.
  • Don't send the jewel cases. Wrap the CD-R's properly so they don't get scratched in the mail.
  • Artwork is normally not included, but I may be able to email scans of it (if I have any artwork).
  • Don't use Dolby Noise Reduction.
  • Don't use high speed dubbing.
  • No graphic equalizers or other fancy stuff; just set bass, treble and other things to the "normal" position.
  • Use new tapes. I prefer Maxell XL-II and TDK SA. But other brands will do, as long as they are high bias type II (chrome) tapes.
  • Make sure none of the songs are cut (some times this is unavoidable though, if the recording is very rare etc.). Please don't cut songs at the end of a side, I do *not* like songs being cut off. DON'T split songs over two sides, or cut any talking. Simply restart the song on the other side. Waste space if you have to! Please copy the show in its entirety.
  • Please check the recording levels when dubbing. Too high level causes distortion and too low results in low volume and/or hiss when turned up at higher volume.
  • Don't send the plastic cases (unless we agree otherwise).
  • Unless you specify something for me to use as a filler, I will just put on something of my own choice. If you want something specific, please tell me.
  • I normally use Air Mail. If we do large trades, surface mail may be an option if we agree on it.
  • Send your tapes when you say you will!
  • Please send setlists (by email, on printed j-cards or on a separate sheet of paper).
  • Please include any venue/theater information about the show that you are aware of.
  • I list tape generations as accurately as possible. Please indicate which tape generation I get from you in our trade. If you don't know, let me know that as well.
  • Never mix shows on one tape (unless we agree on it). When you get a lot of tapes, it's hard to organize them with half shows everywhere!
  • I do 2:1 trades, but on a limited basis because of my busy schedule. Don't be afraid to ask, though.
  • If we do a 2:1 deal, please include a note with your name, address, email address and what you wanted in the package. That makes it easier for me.

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