Artist: Bruce Springsteen
Title: -
Label: -
Catalog #: -
Total Time: 44:19
Date: August 10, 1995
Location: Cheers, Long Branch, New Jersey
Format: Tape
Source: Audience
  1. Better Things (7:41)
  2. Mustang Sally (10:41)
  3. Stems And Seeds (8:03)
  4. All Along The Watchtower (8:55)
  5. Not Fade Away (8:58)
  6. Shades Of Blue (?) - beginning only

With Solar Circus.

It's a quite amusing passage after 1.30-2.30 of the first track, where someone tells the taper that the band would not allow taping because Bruce was going to show etc. But the tape keeps running anyway....

Lots of jamming and wild guitar playing that makes this show worthwhile even if the sound quality isn't the best (Lots of tape hiss on this recording).

Bruce Plays guitar on all, Vocals on Mustang Sally & Not Fade Away.

This was the 2nd of 3 sets of the Evening for Solar Circus..Bruce came out and played on one of their guitars for these 5 songs.

Requires 1/2*90-min tape.

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