PICTURES - 2004 - PART 2

Holiday in Copenhagen, July 26-29.  
Copenhagen City Hall.  
The nice old houses in Nyhavn.  
Ready for lunch!  
The Elephant Gate at Carlsberg is supported by four five-metre tall elephants carved in granite from the Danish island of Bornholm.  
These elephants were huge!
Tasting some beer at Carlsberg's Visitors Centre.  
Ice bear in Copenhagen Zoo.  
Brown bears.  
Elephants (but I guess you saw that..).  
An alligator.  
Frederik's church (the Marble Church).  
This church was beautiful both outside and inside.  
The dome.  
The guards outside Amalienborg.  
Rosenborg castle.  
The palm house complex in the Botanic Garden, inspired by the London 1852 World Exhibition and its impressive Crystal Palace.  
Christiansborg Slot.  
"Den Sorte Diamant" (Det Kongelige Bibliotek / The Royal Library).  
The Church of Our Saviour (Vor Frelsers Kirke) with its famous copper and gold spire.  
The 300 year old organ.  
The altar.  
In the freetown Christiania.  
Getting something to drink in Tivoli.  
The "Chinese Pagoda" restaurant.  
The Tivoli Lake.  

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