PICTURES - 2003 - PART 2

This spring my wife and me went to Tuscany. We stayed in the small town Castiglione della Pescaia.  
The medieval center is characterized by steep streets and buildings from the 14th and 15th century.  
Castiglione della Pescaia is situated on the coast, 22 km west of Grosseto. Built upon a hill side it offers an beautiful view of the coastline.  
On the top of the hillside there's a medieval castle and an old church.  
Having dinner at a sidewalk restaurant in the old part of the town.  
From the bus on our way to Siena. Not easy to take pictures like this but you get the idea anyway...  
Il Palazzo Pubblico was finished in 1342.  

The bell tower, Torre del Mangia, is 102 meters high and the second highest medieval tower in Italy.

Lene on Piazza del Campo. This fan shaped piazza is one of Europe’s greatest medieval squares, and famous for it's annual Palio Horse Race. Believed to have its origin in the Roman military history, there has been bareback horse riding races in Campo since 1283.  
A boy advertising for the show "towers and falcons", which looked quite interesting.  
The show was held in a valley called Orto dè Pecci, located just behind the Piazza del Campo.  
It's a social co-operative which employs persons with learning disabilities to work the land.  
Brazilian artist Cildo Mereiles have made a 30 metre high ladder here, symbolising the path to recovery and that you can come up again even if you're at the bottom.  
The Duomo of Siena is one of the most spectacular cathedrals in Italy, and was built in the period 1136 to 1382.  
The view from the bell tower was breathtaking.  
You could really see a long distance from here.  
We spent the last day of our stay in Roma, this is from Piazza di San Pietro.  
Our hotel was this close...  

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