PICTURES - 2002 - PART 4

In Stockholm to see Bruce Springsteen. Morten, Per Roger and me relaxing with a beer.  
Trond with Nils Lofgren outside Grand Hotel.  
Trond and Håkan Hultfeldt get Roy Bittan's autograph.  
Little Steven, with Morten and Trond as proud autograph hunters.  
On our way to London (for another Springsteen show). Waiting for our baggage at Stansted Airport, for hours and hours into the night...  
Me on the streets of Camden.  
Lots of weird stores!  
Having a dodgy noodle meal.  
We stayed at the Norwegian YMCA, located in Holland Park. Posh area...  
Andre finds a typical London landmark.  
The Notting Hill Gate tube station.  
The Springsteen show was at the Wembley Arena.  
A quite intimate arena with a maximum capacity of around 11.500.  
Tor Einar Aarnes and Morten Kjærvik, pretty tired after a day in line and a few hours in the pit.  
Everyone was happy with the show!  
Lene with Hugh Grant at Madame Tussaud's.  
Marilyn Monroe and a wannabe?  
A very life-like Morgan Freeman.  
Andre and Kylie.  
The main entrance of The British Museum.  
Leaving for the airport, about 4 A.M...yawn.  
Mom decorating the Christmas tree.  
Dad taking care of the soup.  
Dinner on Christmas Eve.  
And now the highlight of the evening...  
Hmm...what's this?  
My brother Tore with his new cookbook.  

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