PICTURES - 1999 - PART 1
This spring I went (together with a lot of friends) to London to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band perform in Earl's Court.  
A total of 4 nights was to follow (not counting the show in Birmingham a couple of days before, of course....).  
Rolf, Kåre, Per Roger and Morten on their way to the ticket
The result was successful - they got tickets for the floor, way up front!  
Posters were dominating the scene.  
Nice posters, too.  
The whole gang checking out the English beer at a Soho pub.  
In Regent's Park celebrating Norway's Constitution Day (May 17) together with a whole lot of London-based Norwegians.  
A pretty windy day, but we got some American tourists to take a picture of us anyway!  
Later that night we had dinner at a Mexican restaurant (maybe not very appropriate on Norway's Constitution Day, but try finding a restaurant serving Norwegian food somewhere - it's almost impossible even in Norway). Morten was obviously happy about something here but I can't remember what it was.  
Since this was the day between two Springsteen shows (having seen one in Birmingham the night before), we took the opportunity to see Mark Wright at the Acoustic Cafe in Soho - and he did two sets with Springsteen songs (we could never get enough, could we?).  
He was excellent, too. Recommended if he comes your way!
Back at the hotel after the first London show (May 18), and still 3 nights to go!  
We were quite happy with the opening night.  
At our hotel room, all ready to see yet another show.
The next few pictures were taken by a friend of mine during the 2nd London show on May 19.
He got caught by security but he had already taken a full roll of film, so here's a few pictures that escaped!
Bruce and Clarence laughing.
The Big Man does his thing.

We had an interesting view that night, it was amazing to see how hard Max Weinberg was working behind the drums.

Morten thought the show was this good!  
Rolf and Per Roger ready for some serious sight-seeing.  
Outside the Tower of London.  
A view down River Thames, with Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast in the background.  
The Houses of Parliament.  
Big Ben, but I guess you already knew that...  
Having a try at some Indian dishes at Khan's Restaurant in Bayswater.
This is taken at the tube, from the look of my face this is
probably right after one of the shows was finished...
A nice canal in Camden.
Camden Market is the largest street market in the UK, and attracts around 100.000 visitors every weekend.
Per Roger, me and Lene looking at some clothes.
And a view down the other end of the road.  
This place was really crowded!  
Laila, Trond and me relaxing at a pub nearby our hotel.  
Me and Per Roger in a cab, trying to find the large Dillons Bookstore (now Waterstone's).  
Laila and Lene having dinner.  
Lene enjoys herself in Hyde Park!  
Me in front a typical London taxi.  
Tower Bridge.  
Lene on Trafalgar Square. Strangely, there's not a person in sight on this picture, even if the place was very crowded. Spooky...  
View from the top of St Paul's Cathedral.  
Big city.  
We had to have a rest when we were finished, walking around the streets of London takes its toll.  
5 out of 7 UK shows is not bad!  
I would love some of them cakes!  
Outside the famous Royal Albert Hall.  
The lads relaxing on the hotel balcony and checking out the newspaper reviews.  
The landmark advertising signs on Piccadilly Circus, one of the busiest traffic circles in the world.  

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